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Duration : 4 Days : Fast Boat Facility : Start/End : Jakarta/Carita : Price : Contact Us


DAY  01 :
We picked you up at 6am from jakarta than directly to Carita beach take approxe 2.30 hours, arrive breakfast than we board the fast boat (double engine) the  Sunda strait to the famous,  deserted, active volcano island with 35 Miles away, to sea is left of the biggest explosion ever  recorded in history mankind (1883) approximately 1. 30 hour,  Crusing around the Anak Krakatau where you can see  the real of black lava stone and rest of the last eruption. Landing at the beach of Anak Krakatau and climb up to the first top of volcano  take 1 hours, step your foot on it searching closely the minerals  (Volcanic bomb, lava) from the bottom of the earth which were thrown up  through its crater, from the top you can see the wonder beautiful sea view of krakatau archipelago. Back to the boat  than continue to old Krakatau island (the mother of krakatau)  at "chili lagoon"for snorkeling to see variety of tropical fish at coral reef "angelfish, surgeonfish, clownfish, batfish, butterfly fish etc", lunch will be served on the beach at Krakatau island. Set up the tent for over night (camping) at Rakata beach opposite the  volcano in the evening we will be seen Krakatau activity spurting red lava,  like fire wood in the evening - if the condition is active. Dinner will be served at 6 pm. (free program).

DAY 02 :
After breakfast we continue (cruising) to Pucang island the unique and delightful Peucang island  lies in clear blue water off the north western coastline of the national park. It is white sand beaches, calm, quite and coral reef shore hold a fascinating world marine life while Peucang is impressive forest shelter an abundance of wild life take 3 hours, arrived than will go to Karang Copong for jungle trekking and it will takes around 3 hours return. Then back to the lodge for lunch time. And lunch will be served at the lodge. And after lunch time we will go cruise for snorkeling activity. And after we have done snorkeling we will go cruise to Cidaon Grazing Grazing Ground for animal watching before sunset time. Then cruise back to Peucang Island. Dinner time will be served at 7pm. (free program).

DAY 03 :
After breakfast at 8am taking the boat to Cibom than (trekking) the direct route to Ciramea travel through magnificence rain forest to shelter at the southern end of Ciramea beach, beautiful sand stone which are formed naturally can be seen, this sand coastline is the egg  laying site for Turtle,peucang island keep your eyes look up as sometime you will find the black monkey, hornbill, javan civet, giant squirrel take 4 hours, back to Peucang island passes Tanjung Layar historical site winds north and follows the  shore through rocky inlets and coastal forest (lunch/rest) than continue to  Citerjun for snorkeling to see variety of fish at coral reef "angelfish, surgeonfish, clownfish, batfish, butterfly fish etc, overnight at Fauna Eco lodge, dinne at 7pm (free program).

DAY 04 :
After breakfast at 8am we walk (trekking) north on Peucang island passes through towering forest to a rock archway beyond which are the reef pools of Karang Copong, keep your eyes look up as sometime you will find the black monkey, hornbill, javan civet, giant squirrel back to lodge (rest/lunch) than continue (cruising) to  Handeleum island in situated among a group of small island just off the north eastern coast of the Ujung kulon peninsula on the way we will stop over at Nyiur beach for snorkeling or swimming. Overnight at Fauna Eco lodge, dinner will be served at 7 pm. (free program).

DAY 05 :
After breakfast  canoes trip up the Cigenter river meander through overhanging rain forest . The habitat of python, hornbill, type of monkey where crocodile and rhino are occasionally sight in this area, back to the boat for return trip back to Carita  on the way we will stop over at Badul Island  for snorkeling or swimming see variety of fish at coral reef. Late afternoon back to Carita - Jakarta. End the trip.

Remark : The trip itinerary is very much dependent on the weather conditions and  may make changes accordingly

Price Included: :
Picked up/drop off from and to Jakarta
Privat fast boat charter
English speaking guide
Meals(Breakfast, lunch and dinner)
Entrance and donation fees
Snorkeling gearr
1 night camping at Krakatau
Mineral water, cold soft drink and snacks
3 night at Peucang Island Ujung Kulon