Krakatau Trek is an independent adventure travel company which was started in 1990 by adventurer and mountaineer local guide in Carita beach, and developed during many years of organising and running expeditions around the volcano. It is now an established company with an emphasis on responsible travel and a high level of knowledge and experience. We guide many types of trips from mountains, sea, tribe to jungle at Ujung Kulon national park regions but the majority are feasible treks and tour holidays for the enthusiastic adventure. We are a leading volcano and wild life tour specialist. Our professional team of volcanologists, photographers and tour guides offers unique travel opportunities: volcano expeditions, jungle wild life tour, photo tours, and relaxed walking & study tours. We focus on small groups and offer both scheduled group tour dates and custom dates arranged on request. Whether you are passionate about volcanoes or want to enjoy a different vacation, you have found the right place

Krakatau Day Tour

Landing at the black sandy beach in Anak Krakatau and start climbing up to the first level,walking around on the top of Krakatau where you can see the view of volcano crater

Private Boat Trip

Krakatau Camping Tour

Spend you time at volcano island at some point in the distant past, Krakatau consisted of a single, large volcanic island. This island was destroyed in eruptions presumably

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Krakatau Ujung Kulon Tour

Cruises invites you to enjoy one of the best tour package which opens your gateway to the krakatau and Ujung kulon and enjoy an absolute feast of Tales of the Sunda strait. .

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Ujung Kulon Advenure

Enjoy a memorable adventure through Ujung Kulon's wildlife and lowland rainforest. Trekking to deep inside the core zone of Ujung Kulon National Park.

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Ujung Kulon Trekking

Trek through the beautiful nature hideaway of Ujung Kulon National Park,Trek through the dense forest to learn about the great biodiversity of flora and fauna that exist..

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Ujung Kulon Krakatau Baduy

Experience the unspoiled charm of a peaceful Baduy Tribe, Volcano and Ujung Kulon Wildlife, that combines adventure activities and nature expeditions.

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